20 Ways That Delta Delta Delta Has Changed My Life

When you look at me, people wouldn’t think that I’m in a sorority. My boyfriend didn’t think I was in one when I met him. I’m not like the stereotypical sorority girls. In high school I wasn’t a cheerleader or one of the popular kids. I was just a regular. I wasn’t a social butterfly. High school wasn’t my peak. But college is my time and for some reason I choose to go Greek. And it has changed my life. Here are the ways that being in Delta Delta Delta has changed my life for the better!

20. I’m not so shy anymore. Being in a sorority has made me confident in myself.

19. I made some instant friendships.

18. I didn’t feel judged for being who I am. In my sorority, I can be myself. I can be weird, funny,hyper, it doesn’t matter because my sisters will accept me and join in my silliness.

17. I always have someone to talk to, even when I’m not in the mood.

16. I’ve experienced things that no one but my sisters and I can experience.

15. I can get help with my studies, personal life, or anything else when its needed.

14. I now know the party rules and have a life. Shhh, don’t tell my mom.

13. I’m now supported 100% of the time. I always feel the love. My sorority motivates me in ways thats’s different from my parent’s motivation.

12. My sisters have helped me with my struggles and other miscellaneous things. They even helped me with this article.

11. I’m surrounded by likeminded women and its pretty amazing. My sisters and my sorority has similar values and opinions that I do and it’s pretty cool.

10. I learned that college isn’t like high school. In my chapter, we don’t really have cliques and if we do, they’re inclusive. Everybody is friendly to everyone. It’s so nice.
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9. I always have someone to go to when I’m in need of advice. In high school, I went to a guidance counselor. Now I got to my big.

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