20 Ways That Delta Delta Delta Has Changed My Life (2)

8. I know now how to properly apply make up and put together outfits.

7. I finally know how to organize myself and learn a little thing called time management. Being in a sorority takes up a lot of time and I learned how to manage it with the help of my sisters and my sorority.

6. Being in a sorority has also shown me what’s important in life: good friends, sisterhood, school, and fun.

5. I have become a better friend and sister. I’m more understanding towards others and accepting of them. There are tons of girls in a sorority with lots of different personalities. You have to be accepting and understanding towards others.

4. Being in my sorority has helped me solidify my future plans. Whether it be my choices in careers or other things in life.

3. I have become the best version of myself. My sisters and sorority has shown me the best way to utilize and maximize my potential to the fullest.

2. I found myself. I know who I am and I know who I want to be and do in life.

1. I am unbelievably happy and content in life. I have my sisters and they’re amazing.


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