20 Types Of Sisters That Are Definitely In Your Sorority

20.) The Sweetie Pie


This girl brightens your day just by smiling and saying hi to you. She always has a cheery disposition and her positivity is truly contagious. You absolutely love having her around.

19.) The Sober Sally

Betches Love This

This girl does not drink but she can still be the life of any party. Not only is she fun in her dry disposition, but she is super helpful when you are in need for a designated driver.

18.) The Independent


You’re astounded by the fact that this girl decided to join a sorority, due to her distaste for living in the house and having to follow house guidelines. She will probably move into an apartment once her live-in contract is up.

17.) The Stoner


This chick will choose a vape over vodka any day.

16.) The Comedian


You swear, sometimes you get super excited that you will be able to say a cast member of Saturday Night Live was in your sorority.

15.) The Future Doctor


This is the girl that everybody goes to when they are sick or injured. They may have only taken a practice MCAT, but that is better than going all the way over to the health center. Besides, she always seems to have some sort of remedy.

14.) The Tiny Garbage Disposal


You do not understand how, but this girl manages to have three helpings at dinner and devour the late kitchen and still has a rockin’ bod. She must have the metabolism that is faster than a speeding bullet.

13.) The Frat Girl


This chick belongs in a fraternity, and the only thing holding her back is her gender. She’s one of the guys, prefers beer over wine and loves to send booty call texts.

12.) The Player


Each night this girl has a new man courting her. She is the poster child for the college hook-up culture and you always go to her when you need advice on how to make out with the cute guy behind the bar.

11.)  The Mother


The maternal one of the group who takes care of the girls who are too drunk, wakes you up in the morning so you aren’t late for your class and is always making sure that every girl is feeling all of the love.

10.) The Artist


Music, theatre, art is her absolute passion. This girl makes the dopest banners for all of your events and has a knack for crafts. She is a Godsend when it comes to Big-Little night and you need an artistic eye to help you design the best canvas for you Little.

9.) The Model


This girl is absolutely stunning. Her personality is good enough to make her a beauty, but it doesn’t hurt that she looks like she could be in Vogue.

8.) The Gym Rat


Whenever you need some motivation, you can always hit the gym with this sister. She tries to go twice a day, meaning you can pick if you want to get your workout done early or if you want to save it for later- but she will keep you accountable and make sure you go at some point. It’s like having a trainer who you can also dance on elevated surfaces with during the weekend!

7.) The Role Model


This is the senior in your chapter who you have looked up to since bid day. You want to be as calm, cool and collected as she is when you are her age. The fact that she is graduating seriously saddens you.

6.) The Party Girl


24/7, 365 days a week, this girl is ready to throw down at all times. She loves using alliteration with the weekdays as an excuse to go out, and she will celebrate every holiday no matter how obscure it is. Arbor Day? More like Ar-brew Day.

5.) The Wing Woman

Scoop Whoop

This sister is a master at setting people up. She loves love and wants everybody to experience it- even if it means she sets you up before she pursues her eye candy.

4.) The Lazy Bones


She knows every series and movie on Netflix. Her motto is “minimum effort, maximum results.”

3.) The Insomniac


No matter what time of day (or night) it is, you can almost guarantee you will find this sister awake and doing something. For her, sleep is totally irrelevant.

2.) The Wild Card


You never know what to expect from this sister, but whatever it is you best believe it will be an entertaining story she will share at brunch the next day.

1.) The Loud One


This sister can live on the third floor on the opposite side of the house and you will still be able to hear her from your first floor room. It’s a blessing when she’s at parties because she is able to speak and be heard (which she loves.) It’s a curse, however, when you are trying to sleep, study or simply enjoy silence and you can hear FaceTiming her hometown friends from the end of the hall.

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