20 Thoughts During Finals as Told by Disney Characters

Everybody no matter what age you are, will always love Disney movies.  The one thing that everyone hates are final papers and final exams. Here are a few examples of how disney characters can help college students relate to finals.

20. The feeling of complete exhaustion from staying up to study and complete assignments.


19. When we call our friends to complain about all the work we have left even though you know they have work too.


18. When our parents ask how all of the final assignments and studying is coming along.


17. When your professor emails you stating the final paper is longer than expected.


16. When we realize we haven’t seen any of our friends because we’re all too busy studying or doing work.


15. Then you think it’s a good idea to invite your boyfriend over except he doesn’t want to leave.


14. When we forget to eat or when we stuff our faces with junk food because we believe it’ll solve our problems.


13. When your teachers remind you finals are upon us.


12. No sleep because we’re always doing assignments and stressing out.


11. When we wait until the last second to complete an assignment.


10.  When you calculate what grade is needed to pass the class.


Sarah Dawidowicz

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