20 Things Only Saint Joseph’s Students Would Understand


20. The Wind Tunnel

Nothing compares to the wind vortex you are thrown into walking to class in the winter, especially the Villiger Vortex.

19. BLD

BLD, BLD, BLD! The BLD, or Black Light Dance, is a freshman right of passage and one of our favorite parts of orientation.

18. #THWND

The Hawk Will Never Die

17. The Campion Scent

Campion, we love to hate it. Nothing quite compares to the Campion Scent stuck on you and all your clothes long after leaving Campion for dinner.

16. Hawk Wrap

What’s in Hawk Sauce?? We may never know, but we will love our Hawk Wraps until the Hawk dies….which is never.

15. The Perch

“The Perch is the coolest place to be on a Saturday night”…said no one ever.


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