20 Things Only RPI Students Understand (2)

10. Hot Classrooms. Speaking of the Sage building, do they ever turn off the heaters in there?? Whether it’s the middle of August or the end of January, you can guarantee that entering a lecture hall in one of the academic buildings will make you sweat. RPI students have learned that you can wear a tank top in class in the winter…


9. The Wind Tunnel. …as long as you also have 3 winter coats to get there. RPI is on a hill, in the middle of New York, and classes run through most of the winter. This means it’s super windy and cold. Add all this up and throw in a long straight walkway that runs through campus and you get the giant, icy-cold wind tunnel that is walking to class.


8. The VCC is a Church. It’s a long running joke at RPI that we worship our computers. This is made all the more real because our central computing center, and all of our servers are located in the old church.


7. Genericon. Every Spring, RPI hosts it’s very own nerd convention. Gernericon is a time for all of the campus knurds to dress up and take over campus. During this time, it’s not unusual to see a brony or some girl dressed as Sailor Moon walking around on campus. Everyone also knows to avoid the DCC on this weekend, especially with the crowds and unfortunate high school tour groups that get to witness Genericon in all it’s glory.


6. Backtests. It’s no secret that RPI is a good school, but as a student there, you’ll know that the only way to succeed is to use backwork, specifically back tests. Whether you know some upperclassmen, you go by APO, or you’ve been lucky enough to get them from your prof, back tests are life.


5. Shirley Ann Jackson. She’s the highest paid university president in the country. She has her own secret service. She rarely visits campus. If you have a picture with her, you’re legendary.


4. EMPAC. The upside: it’s one of the most acoustically perfect buildings in the world and it looks like a ship in a bottle. Plus, the view next to the building during a sunset is stunning. The downside: it cost an ungodly amount of money and put the school in a bunch of debt. Plus, almost no one uses it.


3. Football Games. Anyone at RPI can tell you that they’ve been to maybe 1 or 2 football games. Between the team’s not-so-stupendous record and the over-priced concessions, take the Saturday morning to sleep in.


2. Hockey Games! Hockey games, however, are some of the most fun that you’ll (hopefully) remember. With a pep band that’s loud and a student section that’s even louder, RPI hockey games are a memorable time. Make sure if you’re in the bottom row, to high-five the running guy with the flag.


1. Work Hard/Play Hard Mentality. RPI’s a tough school, with a lot of smart, dedicated students. The stress of class means that it’s all the more important to let loose on the weekend. If you’re headed to RPI make sure you’re ready to work really hard and party even harder.


Between the good and the bad, RPI is the school you know and love, no matter how hard you try to explain it to your friends from home.

Maddie Joy

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