20 Things Only Saint Joseph’s Students Would Understand (4)

5. The Squirrels

SJU squirrels are not your average squirrels. They are not afraid of you and come in all shapes and sizes. Beware the black squirrels on the Merion side of campus.

4. The Hawk

The Hawk is our favorite symbol. Not only do we have a hawk as our mascot, but we have actual hawks on campus. Just remember THWND.

3. Free Period

Free Period is when every club tries to meet, and if your super involved it can become a nightmare trying to fit everything in.

2. The Desk Attendants

Some are strict, some are sweet, but we all have our favorite desk attendants. (Love you, Miss. Deb)

1. Barbelin 

Barbelin courtyard is straight out of Hogwarts, and it’s probably most of our favorite parts of campus. Barb shows us the way home after a long winter break, or a long night out. We love to Instagram her and come up with nicknames for her. Yes, Barbelin is female.

Saint Joseph’s quirks are what makes it the place we love and can’t wait to come back to after every break.

xo Lo


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