20 Struggles Only The Short Friend Understands

When all of your friends tower over you, life is far from easy. Even the smallest (no pun intended) issues can turn into huge struggles. Are you the shortest in your friend group? This is for you. Here are 20 struggles only the short friend understands:

20.) Your height is often the topic of your squad’s jokes. They know mentioning it will rile you up in an instant.

19.) Your friends are often leaning on you, or using you as some sort of arm rest, because you’re the convenient height for them.

18.) While all your friends are drooling over the beautiful lingerie at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, all you can do is stare enviously at the model’s long legs and wish that were you.

17.) It’s almost impossible to share clothes with a friend. Almost everything is too long or too baggy.

16.) Even shopping for your OWN clothes with your friends is a nightmare.

15.) Trying to buy jeans? Congrats, they’re all about five inches too long and you have to roll up the bottoms. Forget skinny jeans, they’re always a little baggy when they’re made for girls twice as tall as you.

14.) Shopping for Victoria’s Secret sweatpants / leggings? Don’t make me laugh. The leggings are made for girls 6’0, and not an inch shorter.

13.) Trying to buy a maxi dress? Good luck finding one that isn’t literally trailing behind you, like some kind of wedding dress train.

12.) If you’re driving a friend’s car, you always have to push the seat all the way up and readjust all the mirrors. Or, if you let a friend drive your car, your seats and mirrors are always set too high and you have to readjust them.

11.) Keeping up with your friend when you’re walking around anywhere is always a mission. Your short legs just match your friends’ longer strides. You practically have to jog just to keep up.



Jacey Calle

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