20 Struggles Only The Short Friend Understands (2)

10.) Even cooking turns into some kind of workout, seeing as how you have to hop onto the counters just to reach the utensils you need.

9.) When you’re out with your friends at a club or a bar, boys always hit on your friends and ignore you, because with your height, you look about twelve.

8.) No matter how old you are, you’ll always be the only one to keep getting ID’d by bartenders, because you’re the same height as a middle schooler.

7.) Hugging your friends can get kind of awkward. They have to bend down to reach you, and you can only reach their midsection.

6.) If you’re in a group and you’re all sitting at a nice restaurant, your feet don’t touch the ground, so they end up just awkwardly swinging there.

5.) You have a thing for tall boys but they often overlook you … because you’re not even in their field of vision.

4.) You’re often forced to wear high heels when all your friends can get away with wearing flats.

3.) Even taking pictures with your friends is a hassle. They all have to awkwardly bend just to get in or the frame, or you have to struggle to stand on your tip toes just so you can make it into the picture.

2.) Trendy shoes like gladiators or knee-high winter boots? You simply don’t have enough leg for them.

1.) All your friends may be “hot”, “beautiful”, or even “sexy”, but thanks to your height, you’ll forever be merely “cute”.

Jacey Calle

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