20 Reasons Why Brooke Davis is One of My Role Models (2)

10. She always believed true love would find its way.


9. She was always great with words-and getting her point across.

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8. She always forgave for the sake of friendship. 

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7. She risked everything for the ones she loved.


6. She befriended those outside of her typical “circle”, forging long-lasting friendships.

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5. She was never afraid to reveal her true feelings.

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4. She was always down for a fun night with her girls.

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3. She was also always down for some cake.

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2. Despite all the bad relationships and heartbreak, when her true love finally revealed himself she didn’t let anything get in the way.


1.She never stopped being the strong independent woman that she always was, even long after high school-especially when it involved the ones she cared about.


Anna Cook

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