20 Reasons Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend

20. She’ll watch a whole marathon of Gossip Girl with you without complaining!

Sorority Lyfe



19. She knows you inside and out. She knows your deepest, darkest secrets while also knowing exactly what to say/do to brighten up your day!


18. Your family already approves of her. Even if they didn’t at first, you guys have been friends for so long that they were forced to love her eventually.


17. She’ll surprise you with sweets and gifts during your period because she actually understands your struggle.


16. And she’ll know EXACTLY what to get you on your birthday.


15. To all my Grey’s fans, what better person to marry than the one who will dance it out with you whenever you’re upset?


14. She’ll be totally up for bringing your Pinterest wedding board to life!


13. Road trips will become ten times better because she enjoys singing at the top of her lungs as much as you do.


12. You’ll never be able to stay mad at her for more than a day, not even thirty minutes.


11. It’s an endless sleepover!






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