20 Reasons Why You Should Marry Your Best Friend (Con’t)

10. You won’t have to convince her to get a manicure/pedicure with you and not even have to think twice about going out to dinner that same night.


9. You guys share the same humor, especially those punny jokes we all secretly love 😉


8. They know that anything by Michael Kors will brighten your day, no matter how bad it is.


7. They love you no matter how you act while you’re drunk.


6. Ohh, and should I even mention how much bigger your closet will be?!


5. You’re always on the same page.

blah blah

4. She’ll understand that “too much glitter” doesn’t exist.


3. You’ll never have to worry about being one of those “unhappy couples”


2. She’ll take all the pictures you want and will love it!

black and white

1. Lastly, your love for each other will be endless. You guys are soulmates, so it’s obvious that you were bound to get married one day.



Jessica Rodriguez

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