17 Things A Woman Should Do Before She’s 30 (2)

11. Budget Your Moolah

As you know once you get out of school you will have to pay off your student loans and climb your way out of debt. It won’t be fun but it is something that we have to do. Once you learn how to ¬†budget your life starting now and I’m pretty sure it’ll make your life a little bit easier to manage. Procrastinating on this subject will cause a huge source of stress down the road and you won’t have time for that.

on a budget

10. Learn To Trust Your Intuition

AKA trust your gut feeling that’s how successful woman does life. When facing a difficult situation Oprah says that you should quiet your mind. That way you can really concentrate what really should be done. You’ll be thinking with your gut not your heart.


9. Create Something New

I’m not saying you should go and become the net version of Vincent Van Go or anything like that, but you should really channel your artsy side it can be a real treat. Or you can be listening to your favorite song, all you have to do i get up and start putting some moves together and the next thing you know you are your own personal choreographer.


8. Accept Yourself

It’s time to stop criticizing the way you see your body. No two people are made the same. We are each gorgeous in our own ways. I don’t mean to get all sentimental and stuff but it’s true. I know it is easier said than done to not criticize yourself. I mean sooner or later you will realize your beauty and your worth the easier your 30s will become.



Angie Carmouche

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