15 Ways To Be The Chillest Girlfriend

It’s simple; guys like chill girls. When you’re down-to-earth and laidback, your relationship will be effortless. Here are some tips to saving your guy some stress and making him the luckiest guy around.

15. Watch (and understand) sports. It’s not enough to just look cute in a jersey. If you can take five minutes to grab your guy some beer and order a pizza, he’ll be thankful. Want to really impress him? Instead of surfing Instagram and waiting for the halftime show, sit down and root for a team. He’ll be surprised that you’re not just waiting for him to take you to the mall.

14. Handle your alcohol. More than once you’ll be “that girl” who throws up on her bae’s shoes and sprains her ankle after tripping in her heels. I’m just as down for a good time as the next gal, but keep in mind that guys think it’s a HUGE turn off if a girl is a sloppy drunk. Watching you throw up, stumble around or yell obnoxiously isn’t going to make a guy want to bring you home to his parents… or even to another party.

13. Drink beer. If you really can’t stand the taste of beer, then just follow the previous rule if you know what’s good for you. Guys appreciate when a girl can hang with the boys, pound back a brew and dominate in beer pong. It’s attractive to find a girl who lets her actions speak instead of being all talk. Take sips and sink cups- guys HATE hearing, “I only drink liquor.”

12. Dress sexy but classy. Your guy will go crazy if you wear a sexy outfit for a night out, but don’t go flaunting your goods to every guy on the block… especially when he’s not around. There IS a way to be sexy without being slutty. Don’t make your guy worry about who can see up your skirt or down your shirt.

11. Play sports and video games. They’ll either love letting you win or they’ll be really turned on that you’re actually some competition. Nothing is more attractive than a girl that doesn’t sit to the side and read a magazine while the guys are playing football at the beach. He won’t have to sweat keeping you occupied while he plays Xbox because you’ll be screaming into your headset right there with him.

10. Know when to dress up and when to dress down. You’ll be a buzzkill if your man invites you to an afternoon of day drinking and fishing and you’re consumed with holding your dress down against the wind and ruining your Steve Madden flip flops in the water. Be prepared.


Kara Curtin

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