15 Things You Rather Do Than Study For Finals

The end of the semester is so bittersweet. You finally get to go home for break and you never have to sit through another day of that lecture that you always end up falling asleep in. Although, you have to pass finals to get there first. Finally cracking open that $100 textbook, highlighting until the entire page is yellow, writing until your hand cramps. There’s a million things you would rather do than sit in the library brain dead for another minute….

15. Go through recruitment again

A week of losing your voice, standing in heels for hours, and insomnia would be better than trying to memorize all of the elements on the Periodic Table for Chemistry.635553957588577002-442030915_Legally-Blonde-Elle-Woods-GIF-Sorority-Recruitment

14. Go on a bad Tinder date 

Nothing’s worse than realizing you only matched with someone because his dog is cute and he ends up having no personality whatsoever. But I mean… at least you got a free dinner out of it, right?

13. Never Eat Pizza Again

Let’s be real here…. Pizza is your one true love. It solves all problems and can never break our hearts. But who wouldn’t give it up to get through finals?3-Eat-Pray-Love-quotes

12. Spend 5 Hours In The Gym

Even for the gym rats out there, five hours is a little extreme. Some of us can barely go up a flight of stairs without being out of breathe at the last step.rs_500x271-150508135356-tumblr_meso4ltNUh1qmxhobo1_r1_500

11. Give Up Your iPhone

Okay….maybe not. It’s pretty much your lifeline.tumblr_nfqjbnFWVu1tsxx7vo1_500




Megan Wunsch

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