10 Things Guys Want But Won’t Always Ask For

Relationships are a two-way street. Yeah it’s great when your guy spoils you by bringing you flowers or sending a sweet good morning text, but guys want to be spoiled back. Okay maybe not necessarily spoiled, but it’s good to remind your man that he’s appreciated too sometimes. I’m not saying buy him a yeti or a new watch, but just like girls, guys like the little things.

10) Back Rubs

After his long day of class/work, all he wants to do is lay in bed with you and cuddle. Something as small as a back rub will make him smile and wind down 10000 times easier. The intimacy will get him excited too.


9) A Home Cooked Meal

Most guys are pretty lazy when it comes to cooking (If your guys cooks for you on the reg, marry him). And if it’s not laziness, then they don’t know how to make anything besides cereal. Guys can only eat so much Chickfila and McDonald’s in a week. Treat him to a home cooked meal like his mom would make after a long day. Even if it’s as simple as chicken and rice, he will appreciate the effort and the thought that you put into it.


8) Bjs

Needless to say, guys will be guys. No, the hormones won’t go away. Guys won’t always ask for it but if you put the offer on the table, it’s almost a guarantee that your guy won’t turn you down. Warning: it may lead to more


7) Sweet Texts

If you don’t have time in your day to plan an extravagant night out with your guy and you know he’s having a rough day, just send him a sweet text to bring him back down to reality. It will cheer him up and help him get through his stressful day with a smile on his face.


6) Date Night

Oh, the constant date night battle of “where do you want to eat” “I don’t care. What do you want” “I don’t care, you choose”…. Every guy’s worst nightmare. Take him out of his misery by planning a date night for the two of you. Pick a restaurant, make the reservation, and get movie tickets for a show you both would enjoy. And for bonus points, pick up the dinner tab and share your popcorn.



Megan Wunsch

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