15 Signs You’re a Southern Girl at a Northern School

15 Signs You're a Southern Girl at a Northern School Some people don’t quite understand what it’s like being a Southern belle. But the struggle is real when you leave home and head North for school.

It’s almost unheard of, a Southern belle leaving her beloved homeland for the frigid, unfriendly North. But for those of us who make the leap, it can be incredibly eye opening. In my year and a half in Illinois, the most important thing I’ve learned is: Northerners are weird, bless their hearts.

15. EVERYONE comments on your accent.

My accent has been called everything from adorable to weird. And mine isn’t even that bad. But if you drag out your vowels, the Northern folk notice it real quick.

14. The sweet tea makes you want to cry.

McDonald’s is the only safe haven and it isn’t even very good. Why even bother drinking iced tea if it isn’t almost syrup? Is that why you’re all so angry? Your tea isn’t sweet enough? I think so.

13. No one knows what fried okra is.

The first time I mentioned one of favorite side dishes to my friends at school, I got a table full of blank stares. You haven’t heard of fried okra?? What else don’t you know? Every word to Steel Magnolias?up-next-page


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