15 Signs You’re a Southern Girl at a Northern School (2)

12. No one else knows all the words to Steel Magnolias.

Every southern woman has three movies committed to memory: Steel Magnolias, Fried Green Tomatoes, and Sweet Home Alabama. If you don’t love these movies, you’re either a communist or a Northerner. Bless your heart.

11. You go to Cracker Barrel when you’re homesick.

Now, their gravy can’t quite compare to my Papaw’s, but it’s better than the monstrosity they serve at breakfast in my school’s cafeteria. There wasn’t even sausage in it. Tragic.

10. The ridicule when you go to Wal-Mart and say “buggy.”

I will never forget the day I offered to push the buggy for my friends. They were all completely dumbfounded. I suddenly became a different species with the one word. “Well if this is a buggy, what do you call, like a horse carriage?” “Well, that’s a buggy, too.” “So, like, you don’t say shopping cart?” “NO.”up-next-page

Rachel Jackson

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