12 Types Of Girls You’ll Find In Every Sorority


Regardless of what letters you wear, there’s always a little bit of sugar, spice, and everything nice in every sorority. Life would be boring if every sister acted the same. Here are some personality types that I’m sure we’ve all encountered:

12. The Artsy Craftswoman.

If you need something drawn, help with a poster, or even crafting for your little, she’s always a hop, skip, and a jump away. She’s the artist of your sorority and you definitely utilize her.


11. The Party Goer.

She’s the one “for a good time call”. She’s your gal when you need a break away from your schoolwork and you just need to let loose and have fun.


10. The Grandma aka “House Mom”.

There’s always that one sister that looks out for the needs and best interests of others in the pack. She occasionally stays in, because she’s had her share of life in the fast lane, but she never minds being DD.


9. The Medical Student.

If you’re ever struggling in those hard biology or chemistry classes, she’s the answer to your prayers. There’s always the one that excels in sciences and will most likely become the doctor of the sorority.


8. The Quiet And Humble.

She’s very down to earth and loving. She pulls you back in when you feel you’ve gone to far. She has a heart of gold and prefers to live more cautiously and reserved than the rest of your group.


7. Your Go-To-Girl If You Love Food.

Whenever you’re in the mood to eat out or stop and get food between classes, just make her hotline bling. Sorority girls love food, and this one will definitely never let you eat alone.





Sophomore business administration student at McNeese State University. I love God, my university, and Alpha Delta Pi!

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