11 Things College Students Constantly Find Themselves Eating (2)

6. Crescent Rolls- These things are ADDICTIVE. One of my roommates started buying them and making them and she got all of us hooked! Their so simple to make though. And you can throw some cheese in them for a nice lunch or some chocolate for a nice dessert. They’re super diverse and yummmmmy.eating-gif

5. Bananas- Not a bad thing to eat constantly. They’re super healthy for your body and give your body tons of potassium and energy. Great quick snack to eat on the way to class. (Also, Harry Styles eats them so).


4. Rice cakes- Quick, easy, tasty, and healthy. Plus, you can get the cheddar ones and they are so good and have so little calories. Perfect grab and go snack.


3. Spaghetti– Often considered one of the easiest meals to make, but hey that’s perfect for a college student. Cheap, easy, and scrumptious. That’ll do.


2. Chips and dip- Some tostitos and salsa or just some potato chips. YUMMMM. Fairly cheap and they fill you up really fast.


1.Popcorn- Probably one of the most simple snacks. You just stick it in the microwave for two minutes and then you have yourself a nice quality snack. And you can either do it plain and healthy or smother it in butter and whatever other seasoning. Such diversity and possibility. Still delicious either way.


Anna Cook

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