11 Life Lessons That Glee Taught Us

When Glee ended in Spring 2015, fans were sad to finally say goodbye to the beloved characters they had been following for the show’s six seasons. Fortunately for us, these lessons that Glee taught us over the years will stick with us forever.

11. Be Yourself. 

If there was just one theme prominent in every episode of Glee, it was that you’re happiest when you’re being yourself. Be who you want to be, not who other people want you to be.


10. Sometimes the Meanest People Can Have the Kindest Hearts.

Take Sue for example. She has dealt with major problems her whole life causing her to be against Mr. Schu and the glee club. Even with her mean demeanor, Sue has a soft spot for her sister, who had Down Syndrome. Later, Sue takes under her wing, Becky, a student who also has Down Syndrome.


9. Gay is Okay

Glee taught us that we need to be accepting of everyone. Mr. Schu made the glee club a place where anybody could feel accepted. The William McKinley Glee Club opened its arms to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students. From the lives of the characters, we learned that just because they weren’t heterosexual, doesn’t mean they weren’t just like all of us.




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