10 Ways To Show Him You’re Not Interested (2)

5. Flirt with his friends. Sure, this isn’t the most valiant way of going about it, but if you’re too uncomfortable giving him the cold shoulder, make him less attracted to you by clearly showing interest in someone else.

4. Ask him to wingman you. Also not as graceful, but if you innocently steer the conversation in the direction of another guy at the bar, whether he agrees to wingman you or not, he probably got the hint.

3. Send ugly Snaps. Snaps that you’d only send your best friends. Snaps so ugly that he couldn’t possibly be attracted to you after opening.

2. Literally shake your head “no”. If a guy comes up behind you in attempts to dance at the club, take a step away and shake your head in a disappointed manner. If he can’t use words to introduce himself than you don’t need words to reject him.

1. Be straight forward. Some (mature) guys will respect the fact that you openly deny them as politely as possible. “Just so you know, I’m not looking to go home with anyone tonight,” or “I’m not interested in pursuing anything” is the simplest way to avoid leading him on or future awkward encounters. Other (immature) guys might shake their head and insult you, and if they do, you certainly dodged a bullet. This tactic should be plan A, but as we all know, things don’t always go according to plan.

Kara Curtin

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