10 Tips for Successful Recruitment Tabling (2)

5. Use crafty details. 

tabling 3

Make use of shelving, add a fun table cloth, display crafts your sisters have made, and just have fun with your display! That’s really the best way to make it representative of your organization.

4. Make sure enough girls are present at your sorority’s table at all times. 

tabling 2

As a recruitment chair of a local sorority I know how difficult it can be sometimes trying to get girls to participate in tabling but it is your job to make sure your sorority is promoting itself in the best way possible. This means having representation at your table at all times in order to answer questions and spread the word about what your sorority is all about!

3. Show off your sorority’s apparel. 


Either on your table or in display boxes show off your sorority’s apparel. Apparel often showcases past events your sorority has participated in, your sorority’s letters, and so much more!

2. Make sure your sorority’s name is front and center. 


Use bold displays of your letters whether that is in the form of lawn letters, posters, or banners.

1. Set out any awards or trophies your sorority has earned. 


This shows your participation in on-campus events and effective leadership.

Happy Tabling! 

Madeline Frisk

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