10 Tips for Successful Recruitment Tabling

Tabling is a very important part of the recruitment process and spreading the word about what your sorority is all about. It is one of the easiest ways for potential new members to learn about future events, traditions unique to your sorority, and the ideals of Greek life as a whole.

10. Display photos of past events you have held in a scrapbook or binder. 

hand signs

This shows potential new members how your sisterhood interacts with each other, your community outreach, and your collaboration with other members of the Greek life community.

9. Share your social media handles. 

social media

Whether your sorority has a Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter be sure to show it off so potential new members can get a glimpse into your world.

8. Give out treats like candy or cookies. 


Everyone knows college kids love free food and goodies so having these things at your sorority’s table will only help you attract potential new members.

7. Set out sign up sheets for potential new members to be added to an email list. 

sign up

This is a great way to follow up with people after speaking with them at tabling or at meet and greet events.

6. Display your sorority’s symbols and colors prominently. 


Show off your mascot, colors, flower, and what every else you can think of!


Madeline Frisk

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