10 Times You Wanted To Be A “Pretty Little Liar”

Pretty Little Liars is one of the most popular shows, EVER… Maybe not ever, but I am obsessed with it. To be completely honest I never read the books, but in my defense I’ve heard the show is different from the books by a long-shot so I’ve chosen to stay away from them for now. While watching the show there are times I can’t help but wish I was, in fact, a “Pretty Little Liar.”

10. No Class?

Even¬†though the Liars were on a school campus a lot, they were never actually in class. And when they were in class they had Mr. Fitz to look at (see #1), so I think that’s more of a plus than a minus. Either way, these PLL were rarely in class and somehow still managed to all graduate and get into good colleges.


9. No homework?

Since they never really went to class, did they even have homework? Well with everything happening with “A” while the Liars were in high school, it seemed like they never had time to actually sit down and do homework. Between chasing “A” or running away from “A”¬†was there ever really time?


8. With high school brings school dances

I wish the dances at my high school were as cool and extravagant as the ones on PLL. I mean c’mon, Homecoming, Winter Formal, Prom, and whatever others in between, including decorations and food, and all of that amazing attire the ladies and gents wore… That brings me to my next reason…


7. Their clothes!

Have you seen the outfits the PLL wear?! Aside from Aria’s earlier, pink hair days, and Hanna’s awkward stage, I would LOVE to own all of their outfits. Each and every Liar has their own style and they are all amazing. How do I get their closets in my with everything from the normal, kick-back days, to school dances, to Halloween costumes.


6. Speaking of Halloween

The Halloween episodes have always been a favorite of mine. The designers for this show always went big for the PLL costumes and I mean BIG. I wish I could go all out for Halloween like that (minus the wigs?) but y’know, whether I’m in high school, college, or won the lottery, I would still not be able to afford it, or even come close to the kinds of costumes these Liars have shown us over the years.



Marissa Ramirez

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