10 Times McDreamy Melted Your Heart

McDreamy, otherwise know as Dr. Derek Shepard is one of the most attractive men to grace our sights when it comes to Grey’s Anatomy. He has been there since the beginning, and man does he pull out your heart strings. Here are 10 times McDreamy melted your heart. 

10. He was just a “guy in a bar” but really, the heart throb of the show.


9. Derek is a words-smith and knows just how to get you to hang on his every word.

8. When he proposed to Meredith in the most perfect way possible. In the elevator they always found themselves in, with all of their work plastered on the walls as he declared his love.


7. This little stunt brought tears to our eyes as he showed Meredith their future with a little house made out of candles.


6. He was always there for Meredith in the end, no matter how much they fought.




Madison Cougill

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