10 Times Kitty From That 70s Show Was You in College

Kitty from that 70’s show was always a hoot on That 70’s Show. She made funny jokes, made you laugh from the couch, and made sly jokes you never saw coming. When we were younger we laughed along with her, but now that were in college I feel like Kitty is much more similar to me than I thought.

10. When you’re so stressed that all you can do is literally laugh, and try not to think about all the things you have to do.


9. When you’re sitting in the middle of a test, and over half of the bubble sheet is blank. You can do this.


8. When you have to do a double take when looking at blackboard and you see that horrible, horrible grade on your last test. 


7. When you finally figure out a math problem that was taking you what seemed like hours to complete, like Kitty.. you’re in disbelief.


6. When your mom calls, and realize nothing has changed. She still nags and you still follow up with sass. 



Madison Cougill

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