10 Thoughts Every Sorority Girl Has During Meal Plan (2)

5.) Did we have to invite a fraternity over for dinner today? Now I have to eat like a lady when all I feel like doing is stuffing my face and unbuttoning my jeans.

4.) Is it meal plan yet? I’m starving. I’m so hungry I could eat one of my own sisters and not even feel guilty about it.

3.) No. Seriously. I will fight someone if the food isn’t out yet. Write me up, ban me from socials, I don’t care. Someone will get hurt if the food isn’t done soon.

2.) Oops, just kidding. Food’s ready. Now I have to run to be the first in line, there’s no way I’m waiting even a second longer.

1.)  God, what would I do without meal plan? Die, probably.

Jacey Calle

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