10 Things to Do When You’re Done with Finals

The dreaded season of finals is over and we finally have some time to relax, but the question is now, what do you do with your time??

10. Sleep

I can guarantee that you are sleep deprived and probably on a major caffeine crash right now. So, I recommend that you get some sleep.

9. Get Your Nails Done

Pampering yourself can truly help you detox from all of your finals. Getting your nails done can be a simple pleasure to get you feeling better in no time!

8. Watch Obscene Amounts of Netflix 

Netflix is one of the best inventions. I suggest you indulge in it. Catch up on your favorite shows you’ve been too busy cramming to watch, or start a new series.

7. Try New Foods

You have most likely been eating Ramen noodles and fast food because you haven’t had time to cook. Try that new place you’ve been dying to go to and have something new to celebrate the end of finals.

6. Go Shopping 

Shopping can be therapeutic. It is also a great idea, because you can shop for your loved ones, or yourself, for the holidays.


Lauren Fick

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