10 Things to Thank Your House Mom For (2)

5. The worrying.

When there’s snow on the ground or it’s extra windy, she’ll always suggest you leave a little early for class. She wants to make sure you get where you need to go safely and warmly.

4. The stories.

Nothing is better than our house mom telling the story when a bat got in her room a few years ago. Or when a frat guy in a mask decided to harass the girls in the house. She’s seen a lot throughout her years with us, and she’s always good for a laugh.

3. Her knowledge.

She may have never been an active member of our chapter, but she knows everything about it. Se’s a wealth of knowledge if you want to know something about chapter history, plus she has all the old scrapbooks in storage. She’ll get them out and let you look through them if you ask nicely.

2. The fact that she holds us accountable.

We’re expected to act like actual human beings at the dinner table. We have to ask to be excused, not be on our phones, and talk about appropriate things. She expects us to act like the ladies we often forget we are.

1. Her never ending support.

She loves each of us individually, and can always tell when something is off. She can tell when we’re having a rough day, or are nervous about a test.

Rachel Jackson

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