10 Things You Learn About Living In The Sorority House

Things you learn only after you've experienced living in a sorority house with your sisters. A group of girls from Kappa Kappa Gamma dance in front of their house to welcome their new members. The 2013 University of Oregon bid day took place in the EMU amphitheater, where hundreds of potential new members ("PNM's") simultaneously opened up sealed bid day envelopes revealing the sorority houses that chose them. Some 884 girls went through recruitment, and over 600 received bids for the houses that voted them in. (Ryan Kang/Emerald)

Living in the sorority house has its ups and downs, but lets all admit we would never trade it for the world. Your best memories are made in the house and you are surrounded with your sisters. You form so many different bonds and a family is developed like no other. Howeverrrrrrr, being in a sorority at a SUNY school, we don’t get too fortunate with houses, but we make the best of it.

10. Your house is always dirty, no matter what day or if it was just after you cleaned, an hour later it’s messy. There’s just no hope.cleaning

9. There is always people coming in and out of the house, especially when there is a frat living upstairs from you.



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