10 Things I Didn’t Expect To Deal With Before I Turned 20

Technically, I am still a teenager. No one ever told me that my teenage years would consist of anything close to what I have put in this list. Being a teenager but dealing with things I thought would come in my late twenties or early thirties has been quite the surprise; however, it is life, so I guess I have to roll with it. Hopefully this finds any other teenagers that might be having the same thoughts and this can help you all realize that there are other people, like myself, that didn’t expect any of this either.

10. Ex’s getting married. Because woah, I am 19, and you are in every memory from the past few years of my life. Am I allowed to smile when I look at my prom pictures or am I supposed to frown because you are married? Never thought that would be an issuetumblr_inline_mk6qh7usd11r7gwvt

9. Finding a house. Hi I am just a teenager so can you tell me how much this house rents for and if it is in a nice neighborhood. Also, how long it will take me to get to the grocery or my university because college and necessities? h21tgwv

8. Loving fully. I have loved with my whole heart and I have lost as well. It is  an odd feeling to love someone enough to smile knowing they are happy.tumblr_inline_nel1oyxmd41t432s5

7. Having a near death experience. Not something everyone can say but thankful for a God who loves me enough to save me from a semi for something great. Not sure what the plan is but, I am here and I am ready to live for it.giphy

6. Thinking about where the rest of my life will take place. Do I see myself going to the grocery store at home with my children one day or do I see myself living in a city? Too many life questions. I will come back to this later… maybe.giphy1


Sidney Johnson

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