10 Things Guys Want But Won’t Always Ask For (2)

5) Take Him Shopping

Let’s face it, guys sometimes are clueless when it comes to shopping for food, clothes, and pretty much anything else their mom would normally buy for them. Take him to the store and help him stock up on the essentials that he didn’t know he needed. Yeah sorry babe, shampoo and body wash aren’t the same thing….


4) Guys Nights

No matter how good your relationship is, everyone still needs a little space. Make sure you don’t smother him and let him know that you want him to go out with his friends. He’ll be happy to know that you want him to keep that balance and don’t want him to be that guy who loses his friends when he gets in a relationship


3) Netflix & Chill

As corny as it sounds, some guys do just want to lay down and watch crappy Netflix movies all night. The chill part can vary depending on your relationship, but you don’t have to go out to have a date night. Order in your favorite pizza, pick up some dessert and binge watch something you both want to watch (AKA not rom-coms all night)tumblr_n64xcrTWp11t2wi2no1_500

2) Watch Sports With Him (And Try To Enjoy It)

He’ll be surprised when you say you’re down to watch the game with him. You don’t need to learn every statistic of every player, just be that girl who doesn’t asks a million questions while the game is on. It’s okay if you can’t get into the game. Cuddle up to him, make him some food, and enjoy spending time together doing something HE loves for a change


1) Trust

If your relationship doesn’t have it, then why are you together? He’s not going to straight up ask you for space, but you don’t need to be that psycho girlfriend who texts him 24/7 when he’s out with his boys or freaks out when he tweets another girl


The best thing you can do for your guy is give him a reason to smile. As long as you can do that, you’re a keeper.


Jessica Rodriguez

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