10 Things Only Clumsy Girls Understand

Clumsy Girls Understand We trip, we fall, we run into things - gravity and grace just isn't on our side most day. Check out these 10 things that only clumsy girls understand.

Being a clumsy girl isn’t a problem, it’s a gift. We’re an elite group, the chosen few who lack all grace – not only are we accident prone, but we’re borderline a liability most days. We have a knack for bumping into basically anything and let’s just face it, gravity just isn’t on our side. But what’s great is that we’re able to brush it off and go through life being awesome anyways. Check out this list that only clumsy girls understand.

10. Inanimate Objects Come Out of Nowhere

Where did that wall come from?!

9. You Always Find Random Bruises

Even bananas feel sorry for us.



Lauren Fick

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