10 Things Basic B**ches Always Say

Coming from a basic b**ch herself, this list just may be pretty accurate for those of you who may have always wondered if you’re a basic b**ch too. Enjoy!








10. “This is the perfect Instagram.”

You could literally be anywhere and then think to yourself of how it would be the perfect Instagram–whether it’s of a plant, the sky, or you. You Instagram the crap out of that shiz.









9. “Oh my god, I have to Snapchat this.”

At a friggin’ cool party? You Snapchat it. Going out with the girls? You Snapchat it. Working out? You Snapchat it. Peeing? You Snapchat it…Just kidding. I think.









8. “Who’s that b**ch he’s with?”

Got an eye candy? Every girl he’s with you want to know who she is. You think or say this every freaking time he’s with a different girl.

giphy (1)








7. “I hate you.”

Ahhh, the typical replacement words for “I love you.”









6. “I just want to drop out and become a stripper.”

Seriously, haven’t we all said this at least once in our life when we just can’t deal with school anymore?










Tenzin Tsephel

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