10 Struggles of Waiting Tables (2)

5. One word: kids


I don’t think kids come to restaurants with the mindset of eating their food; I think it’s really just a competition of who can throw their food across the table furthest and scream the most.

4. Two words: dad jokes


You know dad jokes. The awful jokes customers tell that you have to laugh at because you want a good tip. *clean plate* “I hated it; I choked it down.”

3. When you get done with your shift and you smell like food


Or worse, you don’t have time to change out of your uniform and shower, so now you have to go out into the world smelling like greasy food.

2. When you get asked to stay even though you were supposed to be cut


Sure, you get to make more money, but once you get in the mindset of getting to leave, it makes the day go a lot slower.

1. Bad tips


And after you have to face all these struggles, you get stiffed on the tip. THANK YOU, HAVE A NICE DAY.

Honestly, waiting tables is the best first job you can have because it teaches you how to be kind and courteous to people even though you’ve been having a terrible day. Your feet are killing you, you got terrible tips, and you have a headache, but in the end, you have a one up over people that haven’t waited tables and dealt with the struggles of being a waitress/waiter.


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