The 10 Stages of Falling in Friend-Love

Have you ever met someone and instantly known you needed her in your squad? You can’t exactly put into words why you love her so much, but you totally do and have from the beginning. Welcome to friend-love.

10. You slyly figure out ways to get to know her better.

Volunteering to work together on projects, inviting her over to work on them. You want to become BFFs with this girl, you gotta work for it.

9. When you realize she wants to be friends with you, too.

WHAT? You wanted to hang out with me? How funny.

8. You realize you’re basically the same person.

The “where have you been all my life?” conversation is very real. How can two people be so similar? It’s unreal.

7. You find out she’s dorky in the exact same way you are.

When you have random dance parties to your favorite songs, you have the same go-to moves. You geek out over the same stuff. It’s amazing. She brings out the goofiness in you because you’re unashamed to be goofy together.

6. You discover that you have a mutual obsession.

When you have the same favorite movie, music, actor, color, clothing brand, whatever as your friend-crush, you freak. You guys constantly reference it, and have way too many inside jokes revolving around it.


Rachel Jackson

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