10 Signs You Shouldn’t Have Enrolled in That 8am Class

Teenage Girl Sleeps at Her Desk in a Classroom of Secondary School Students

Going to class at 3pm on a friday is hard, but waking up at 7:15am to make yourself slightly presentable to go to your 8am is ever harder. Here are 10 signs you SHOULDN’T have enrolled in that 8am class this semester.

10. When you lay down in bed at 1:00am and feel a pang of regret for enrolling in that class this is the first sign.


9. When you wake up every Monday, Wednesday and Friday feeling like you just fell asleep 5 minutes ago.


8. When you totally give up on looking even slightly presentable for class. Sweatpants and a T-shit it is.


7. As you walk to class and its still kind of dark outside and no one is on campus, you start to hate your decision.


6. Walking to class at 7:45am is bad, but siting in a general chemistry class at 8am is worse. As your eyes start to feel heavy you start to imagine how much you wished you would have gotten into that 11am section instead.



Madison Cougill

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