10 Reasons Why You Should Run For A Sorority Leadership Position


Being a part of your sorority’s executive board or on a particular council is an important job. Your chapter needs you to help them move forward, boost morale, improve your philanthropy, step up your recruitment techniques, and so much more! If you’re on the fence about taking on a sorority leadership position, here are some reasons why you should absolutely run.

10. You have lots of connections to other members and alumni of Greek life on campus. 

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It’s one thing to be close to all the members of your sorority. That is undoubtedly important for getting elected to serve in a minor chapter position. However, if you want to be elected to a council position, social chair position, or an executive council position, you’re going to need to step it up and be more social! At Greek Week, social functions, and Go Greek tabling events, you should always be working to make new connections. Even if you don’t become best friends with everyone, knowing some familiar faces and having those contacts can only help your chapter. Being social is an important part of Greek life and helps not only for strictly social events but also for philanthropy fundraisers and community outreach. Knowing alumni is also crucial as they can help you raise funds and organize events that you may want to put on.

9. You have lots of ideas to improve your sorority. 


Whether you have an organizational system you think could help improve events, several ideas for philanthropy events you’d want to put on, or ways to amp up your presence as a new sorority on campus through social media, being in a leadership position can only help you achieve these goals. Being an active member in your sorority is important and you can facilitate discussions to share these ideas, but only as a leader can you make sure they are followed through exactly how you picture them going.

8. You work well with other adults, professionals, and advisers in your life. 


If you’re hoping to become the president or alumni relations chair for your sorority, you will be working with other adults such as your adviser, alumni, parents, and community members very often. If you have difficulty communicating ideas to adults in your life, then consider a position that solely concerns your sorority and peers.

7. You’re goal oriented. 

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If you always carry a planner, have multiple to-do lists on your phone, and know how to prioritize, then you may be ready for a sorority leadership position. Of course you don’t have to be perfect. Many sorority leaders succeed because they are creative and look at problems in unique ways, but you always need to finish whatever projects you start. Figure out your work-school-sorority balance, and if you think you can handle it, consider taking on a position.

6. You’re a good representative of your sorority in everything you do. 


This means never drinking with your letters on, striving to always be a good student, and generally upholding your sorority’s principles. Accomplishing your goals and creating a network is what a sorority is all about. It is an organization there to help you which you can give back to by becoming a leader.


Madeline Frisk

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