10 Reasons Why You Should Respect Justin Bieber

I have to make it known that I’ve been a belieber through thick and thin. From “One Time” to “Sorry,” I’ve kept my JB poster hanging above my bed with pride (Shout out to my room mate who made fun of me for it last year but now bumps “Sorry” on repeat during pregames.). The Biebs has been both idolized and criticized, but I think he’s reached his plateau. If his last album didn’t transform you into a belieber, here’s 10 reasons why you should respect him at the very least.

10. He’s honest. His feelings for Selena Gomez are far from secret. It’s adorable how vulnerable he makes himself; serenading her at NYC bars, writing songs about her, posting Instagram throwbacks of her, and of course, always admitting his irreversible love for Sel no matter which pop star she’s dating. JB knows he fumbles the ball often times, but isn’t afraid to swallow his pride and apologize (is it too late now to say sorry?). Watch this honest interview with Ellen DeGeneres.

9. He’s a real person. Listen to the words to “I’ll Show You.” If it doesn’t pull on your heartstrings, you probably don’t have a heart. He’s made mistakes- on stage and off- because that’s human nature. Everyone screws up, but not everyone does it in the public eye with the entire world throwing its two cents in about it on social media. JB even cried on stage after performing at the VMAs because was so thankful to have the opportunity. Watch Justin’s genuine interview with Jimmy Fallon.

8. He has style. He doesn’t dress for the glitz and glamour (anymore). The days of performing in angel wings or walking the red carpet in a cheetah printed tuxedo are long behind the prince of pop. He’s mellowed out his wardrobe to remain trendy but also conservative…well, as conservative as an international pop phenomenon would be. The Biebs’s staple is his long dress-like shirts and a baseball cap, which is both classic and classy, but he definitely does clean up nicely. I will admit that he went through that awkward phase where he wore that Pharell hat everywhere, though.

7. He’s successful on his own merit. Forget Drake- Justin Bieber LITERALLY started from the bottom. He grew up poor with his mother and siblings in Canada, and posted YouTube videos of his young self singing covers. After singing on the streets for money and endless prayers, Usher stumbled across one of his videos and the rest was history. He’s not famous for being famous. He wasn’t involved in a scandal and doesn’t have famous parents. He’s straight up TALENTED, and worked incredibly hard achieve everything he has.

6. He’s not just a singer. The kid can freaking dance like his idols Usher and Michael Jackson. And rap. And play the guitar, drums, piano and trumpet. Just saying. He spent his entire childhood obsessed with all aspects of music. Justin is a jack of all trades and a good one at that. He spices up a lot of performances by taking a seat at the piano or wailing on the drums in the middle of his killer vocals and intricate (and sexy) dance routines. You don’t find that kind of talent every day.


Kara Curtin

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