10 Reasons Why Nancy Drew Would Make The Best Sorority Girl

Nancy Drew was my favorite book series growing up and many women would agree I’m sure. Women such as Laura Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Sandra Day O’ Connor have all cited her as an influence in their lives because of her strength and sense of individuality. The series has been translated into 45 different languages, has various book series spinoffs for all ages, has movies bearing Nancy Drew’s name, and merchandise with the famous detective’s face. Nancy Drew’s legacy is clear and though she has been envisioned in many different ways I think Nancy Drew would have made a great sorority girl.

Here are a couple reasons why:

10. She would make the best risk management chair

nd 2 risk management

She knows how to do CPR, has basic first aid skills, and always takes care of her friends in an emergency. Whether a fellow sister were to get hurt at a function or was struggling with mental illness she would know exactly what to do. She would be an expert on campus resources and workshops to improve the wellness of the members of her sorority.

9. She would the best little, big, and grandbig

nd friends

She is always there for her best friends, Bess and George so you know she would do everything for her sorority family. She would be there when her little struggles with a breakup or to celebrate her grandlittle’s new job. No matter good or bad, she would step up to the plate and be a mentor, friend, and confidant.

8. She would make the best Scholarship/Academic chair

nd academic

She’s a know-it-all in a good way. She loves her classes, studying for exams, and always writes the prettiest notes and flashcards. She would help you get through study hours and become the best student you can be because she genuinely cares.

7. She is a total night owl 

nd locked out

Nancy Drew is constantly solving mysteries in the dead of night so she is no stranger to staying up late. When some sisters would be ready to turn in for the night she would be ready for more. Staying up to study for a final exam with her sisters or on a epic senior bar crawl mission she would always be ready to keep exploring and having a good time.

6. She knows how to kick back and relax

holiday 2

Though her vacations always seem to end in her solving mysteries, Nancy Drew does know how to have a good time. She is always invited to parties, weddings, and so many different events. In between chasing after the bad guys she always makes sure to go out to dinner, lounge by the pool, or do something else exciting.


Madeline Frisk

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