10 Reasons Why Makeup Is The Worst

We spend hundreds of dollars and countless hours trying to perfect the “cat eye” or the “date night” look that we found on youtube. We don’t leave the house without applying coats and coats of mascara or covering up that breakout on our nose, just for it to be halfway down our face by the end of the night. But somehow it always does. Can we just nationally ban makeup so no girl has to feel bad about not looking as put together as the next?

10) Price

Can we go back to the time where crayons were $5 and 64 of them came in a box with a sharpener? Like who has the money to drop $65 on “highlighting powder”… Like what does that even do?


9) Raccoon Eyes

Yeah, we’ve all been there. You go out then come home too tired/drunk/out of it to take off your makeup and wake up with all of it under your eyes, making you look like you haven’t slept in weeks.


8) “Waterproof”

Waterproof means Water, Soap, AND eye makeup remover proof. You can scrub all you want, it takes a lot more than that. By the time you get all of your makeup out, you’ve accidentally pulled out half your lashes on each eye….


7) Turns Clothes Colors

Every color isn’t safe around makeup. Black shirt? Spilled powder on it. White shirt? Got foundation on it when you were putting it on. Blue shirt? You sneezed and somehow got mascara all over it. Yeah, we don’t know how it always happens either….


6) Never Matches

It’s like you have to buy a new foundation every month. You need one for Summer when you’re the tannest. You need one for September to October when you’re still kinda tan but not too tan. Then you need one for November to February when you’re paler than Casper, then one from March to June when you’re trying to build your color back up….. And who has space for 4 bottles of foundation?!



Megan Wunsch

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