10 Reasons Why Sorority Girls Make The Perfect Wives

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I get it — sorority girls sometimes get a bad rep from what the world outside of Greek perceives us to be like. I’m here to clear those stereotypes up. As a member of a Panhellenic organization, I can vouch for my sisters and the sorority members in my community by saying that we will not only make great wives one day, we will make exceptional ones.

Here’s why:

10. Sorority members are student leaders and hold themselves to a high academic standard.


Katie Couric — Delta Delta Delta

According to the fraternity and sorority national statistics, the all fraternity and sorority GPA is higher than the overall collegiate GPA. Any idea why? Sorority members must meet a certain GPA requirement in order to stay in their organization. We are encouraged to get involved on campus, join other organizations, get to know our professors and log our study hours in at the library. 85% of the student leaders on 730 campuses are members of Greek-letter organizations. Now you might be thinking: who cares? But when you’re looking for a potential wife, you’re going to really appreciate a woman that wants things for herself in life. Joining a sorority gives girls the confidence to be leaders in college and beyond.

9. Sorority members hold each other accountable.


Jennifer Garner — Pi Beta Phi

The stereotypes about all sorority girls being promiscuous and not so classy are galaxies far from being true. Maybe you’ve met a bad egg that totally skewed your judgment, but don’t let that one girl give you a bad view on all sorority members. As a whole, sorority girls are more well-behaved when drinking in public because they are representing not just themselves, but their entireorganization. Observing the way a sorority woman behaves in a bar setting may surprise you. The sorority woman is not dancing on the bar or taking body shots. And no, she probably isn’t taking a fraternity guy home either. Her sorority house most likely doesn’t allow boys in the house past a certain time.

8. Sorority members are fully capable of taking care of themselves.


Condoleeza Rice — Alpha Chi Omega

The author of the article I wrote this in rebuttal to was under the impression that sorority women are not capable of cooking and cleaning because someone else does it all for them. For the most part, this probably isn’t true. At my sorority house, we have chores every Sunday that we are responsible for completing. We also have our own kitchen — but surprise, no chef! We are fully capable of whipping together a meal and watching a movie with our sisters while we’re at it. Cooking and bonding at the same time? Doesn’t that sound like a good evening with your future wife? I thought so. Sorority women are just as independent as the next woman when it comes to taking care of themselves.

7. We treat our little sisters like we would treat our own child.


Sheryl Crow — Kappa Alpha Theta

This may sound really silly to anyone who has never had a chance to be a big sister in a sorority, but it’s a really unique blessing. Having the responsibility of mentoring a new member through her collegiate years is no small task. Being the person that a younger member looks up to makes older members want to be even better themselves. It challenges them to hold themselves accountable for their actions, as they are directly influencing another human being. Sorority girls learn to be proper role models through this process. Wouldn’t you want to marry someone that others look up to?


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