10 Reasons Why Nancy Drew Would Make The Best Sorority Girl (2)

5. She has impeccable style 

nancy drew

Throughout the years Nancy Drew’s look has changed from long feminine dresses to preppy basics but no matter what she has always remained stylish. She would rock pin attire because she always dresses with sophistication and class in mind.

4. She isn’t afraid of taking on drama 


Nancy Drew is not one to shy away from tough conversations. Though we like to think of sorority life in terms of the positive things we gain from it there will be bumps in the road. Sisters will turn against each other, your sorority may have a falling out with a fraternity on campus, or an event may not go as planned. Nancy would be willing to help others in the chapter during these tough times and hear what others have to say in a non-confrontational manner.

3. She would make the best fraternity sweetheart 

nd bf

Nancy Drew loves Ned Nickerson almost as much as she loves solving mysteries. She would make a great fraternity sweetheart because she would always be willing to help out her friends in that brotherhood. She would always be willing to embody the values of their organization in order to be a better leader and friend. She aims to please and would want to do everything she could to succeed and take on positions in Greek life available to her.

2. She would find out all she could about your sorority’s history and alumnae 


Nancy is fascinated by history so she would love connecting with the alumni of her sorority and learning more about what has and hasn’t worked for the sisterhood in the past. She is constantly traveling to foreign locales and visiting castles, mansions, and bungalows so she would love visiting her sorority’s national headquarters and taking any chance she could get to learn and grow as a sister.

1. She would make the ultimate social media sleuth

nd sleuth

We all know when becoming a rho gamma your social media profiles need to be wiped clean of your sorority affiliation. Nancy would help you make sure you did a good job by being the ultimate social media sleuth. Or she could help you stalk your tinder match before going on that coffee date. Either way Nancy has your back in tracking down knowledge you never thought you needed but are now glad you have.

Do act mysterious. 

It always keeps them coming back for more. 

—Carolyn Keene 

Madeline Frisk

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