10 Reasons Why Your Mother Is The Greatest Gift Life Ever Gave You

Every single step you take in life takes you to a special place. The question is, is each and every step you take the right one? You have learned many things in life, but who have you learned them from? Without her, where would you be? She makes you the person you are today, and you can never take that from her. She is your blood, she is your everything. Your mother is the greatest gift live life ever gave you and we will clearly see why.

Your Mother Is The Greatest Gift

1. When you were a baby, she was there to take care of you. When you cried in the middle of the night screaming with frustration and pain, she came to you and nurtured you… she was right by your side. She breast fed you and always made sure to hold your hand, especially when you cried.

Mother Love

2. In nursery school, she held your hand and cuddled with you to make sure that you felt loved. She played hide and seek with you at the park, and gave you your favorite apple juice. She especially made you smile when you played peek-a-boo together. The smile and happiness on your face was priceless.  Having a loving mother is like having an angel who watches over you and makes sure that everything is going to be okay. As you learned the laws of life, you became a more developed and mature person.


3.  As you got older, she always supported you no matter the circumstance. When everyone told you that you couldn’t do something and that you weren’t good enough, you wanted to quit. But the angel came in and lifted you off the ground. That despair and sadness you felt began to go away, and the sky cleared up. You decided to take a step forward and persevere, because of her.

4. No matter what problem you had, she was always there for you. When you cried and were angry, she always listened to the words that truly hurt you. You couldn’t express your feelings to many people, but she was the one person where your feelings could be articulated. She held your hand again and made you smile, because she loves you.

5. She feeds you your favorite food. When you come down to the kitchen or dining room table to eat, she gives you that beautiful smile that makes you know that she loves you. After she smiles and gives you delicious food, she asks how your day went in a way that shows she truly loves you.

6. When you need relationship advice, she gives you advice that can really put a smile on your face. She tells you the the importance of honesty, love, trust, and communication.

7. When you have a bad breakup, she lets you know that everything is going to be alright. The tears that run down your face like a river suddenly stop, when she comforts you and gives you guidance to make sure that your next relationship is that much better.

8. She tells you to follow your dreams, and lets you know that life is not easy. She tells you that it will only get harder. It is about working on yourself and making yourself a better person every day. There is nothing to be scared of, and she reassures you of that.

9. Deep down when you asked yourself the question “Who do I want to be?”, you weren’t able to answer. You stared at yourself in the mirror and couldn’t even recognize the face that was staring back at you. You were confused and didn’t know how to react. Then, when you thought of your past, that person in the mirror suddenly turned into you. You remembered that you were a person that loves and cares for others. And you remembered when you failed, you really only failed forward.

10. All of us have made mistakes in life. You don’t know what is going to happen in the future, and the fear can paralyze you. But then you ask yourself that one question, “Do I have hope?” and then you know right then and there that this is your beginning. You are ready to take on the world.

You continue to move forward because your mother was the one who told you how. When you cried as a baby, she told you everything was going to be okay. When you were little and fell off your bicycle with a scraped bloody knee, she picked you up and quickly took you inside to get you cleaned up. When you didn’t have a play date and you were lonely, she held your hand once again and kissed you. In high school, when you got an “F” on a exam, she told you it was okay and helped you so that you would do better on the next test.

As you got older and graduated college, you really began to find out who you truly were. You realized that your mother was the one who nurtured you and who taught you beliefs that would make you stand up to the challenge of life.  When you get married and have children, make sure to hold those memories right by your side.

Your mother will eventually get sick and no longer be with you, which is a very sad fact. But remember as she endures this pain and suffering, you should remember the pain and suffering you had as she nurtured you. Whenever you cried and were frustrated, she held your hand. The tears that slowly dripped down your face like a stream always came to a halt when she held your hand. As she lays in her hospital bed in pain, you have to remember one thing that is very important. Stop her tears from running down her face by being there for her, just like she was there for you. Hold her hand and tell her that everything is going to okay.  Remember the person who truly made you is the woman you are looking at.

Everything Is Going To Be Okay Mom, I Promise.

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