10 Reasons To Love Being Disaffiliated For Recruitment (2)

5. Food.

All that yummy food the PNMs get? We get it too. And then we go sit in some poor girls room, eat the yummy food, and reminisce about when we went through recruitment. So instead of just devouring the left overs from our own house, which we totally still do, we get a sampling of all the houses’ treats.

4. The reveal.

They play a song that’s so totally you. Your big makes a sign declaring her love for you. You run home and leap into the arms of girls you had to pretend were just your friends for the past few weeks. Everyone is so happy to have you finally re-affiliated, and you can’t wait to start rocking your letters again.

3. No recruitment practices.
Sorry, recruitment chair. I love you, but there is nothing better than sitting in my room watching Netflix knowing that the rest of my house is sitting in the formal, and will be for the next two hours, singing songs and learning what not to say to PNMS.

2. Your rush crushes are extra special.

The girl you fall in love with during recruitment knows you better than the girl she talked to for 5 minutes at a house. She texted you a pic of the outfit she currently has on, asking for advice. When a house she liked cut her, she cried on your shoulder. I ended up in the same house as my RG during recruitment, and to this day she’s a woman I admire immensely. She got a little emotional when she saw me bring my first group of girls through recruitment as a RG.

1. The joy you feel when you see your girls run home.

Maybe your rush crush didn’t pick your house, but that’s okay. Seeing the hugs and happy tears makes the late nights and no-letter-wearing days worth it.

Rachel Jackson

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