10 Reasons Being Greek Gives You The Upper Hand

Greek life is often overlooked and isn’t recognized for all the benefits it truly offers. From a higher GPA to a higher overall self-confidence, going Greek is one of the best decisions one could make and here is why:

10. The academic support is outstanding.

Being Greek gives you all the motivators and power sources you need to excel in school. You have study buddies, tutors, and there’s always someone to help you out on that last minute assignment. Good grades are essential, and you have all the human resources you need.


9. “Greeks Get In Free” is definitely a thing.

Throughout the semester, there’s always events, clubs, and parties that are bound to have a “Greeks Get In Free” night. This is one of the perks you enjoy the most. Think of it as your praise and recognition for being a Greek.


8. The endless job opportunities.

When you’re in desperate need of work, don’t hesitate to ask around. Someone will ALWAYS know of places hiring or taking applications. If you’re lucky, you can easily get a job just by knowing or being friends with someone in your organization.


7. Improve your confidence and leadership skills.

Being a Greek does wonders for your social and leadership skills. As a Greek, you put more effort into getting to know people and interacting more with others. You’re even given several opportunities to be a leader. You empower yourself by being Greek, and the end product is amazing.

6. You’re always surrounded by resources.

If you ever need anything- help with directions, getting test answers, or a really good craftsperson- there is always someone to save the day. When you’re surrounded by tons of other Greeks, there’s a person for everything.



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