10 New Years Resolutions We’re Tired Of Hearing

As the year comes to an end, behold the ridiculous, worn out New Year’s resolutions that people can’t seem to let go of. They don’t seem to change, and they make us want to punch someone in the face. Here are the resolutions that we’re all tired of hearing:

10. I’m going to starting eating better. No, you won’t. You’ll eat healthy for two or three days before cravings get the best of you.


9. I’ll make a workout plan and stick to it. You’ll make the workout plan, but, sweetheart, you will not be sticking to it.


8. I’ll start saving more and spending less. Everyone knows this is easier said than done. Have you forgotten you’re a poor college student?


7. I’m going to quit smoking. Unfortunately, some habits never really die.


6. I promise to pay bills on time and stay debt free. Life itself won’t allow you to follow through with this. But, good luck trying.




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