10 Moments You Feel Like Beyoncé

Every girl has gone through that moment where they feel like a queen, like Queen B to be more specific. Ever since Crazy In Love was released the rest of Beyoncé’s songs have become the soundtrack to every young woman’s life. Every song can be perfectly tailored to your life moments such as these.

10. After Getting Ready

As women we like to make people think that we actually woke up like this. Yet we all know that our face did not get beat this easily and our hair did not get slayed this quickly cause you and I both know we took a good hour and a half to two hours in front of that bathroom mirror in order to look as good as we do. But once we know that we have finally made our makeup look as flawless as possible, our hair curled with just the right amount of volume, and our outfit is fitting just right. You know that today is going to be a good day as you walk down the sidewalk like it was the Victoria’s Secret catwalk and Crazy In Love was playing in the background with the car lights flashing to the beat and the wind blowing your hair like you were standing next to Beyoncé herself on stage.

crazy in loe


9. When You Kill The Big Presentation

So you have been working on this presentation for a good month now. Whether it is for a huge grade in a class or a possible promotion at your job it’s kind of a big deal. You even finished it before the due date with enough time to edit it and triple check your facts and effects. Basically everything is perfect now. You have your outfit set out for, your speech has been written and you have your presentation on multiple flashdrives just in case technology wants to act up. So when you finally give your presentation in record time you can tell that you killed it by the expression on your professor or boss’s face along with all the other peers in the room. Once you have given your closing statement you hit your pose that makes you feel like Beyoncé at the SuperBowl.

beyonce superbowl

8. When You Break Up With Your Boyfriend

Breaking up is never fun even if you feel empowered for the first hour or two, at some point you are not going to feel so hot. Being in this post break up runt is never fun. You tend to find your favorite sweats, with a pint of your favorite ice cream, Dirty Dancing on your screen, and your cell phone on DO NOT DISTURBE. Then the thoughts of “I wonder what he’s doing” comes to mind. Like he’s probably at a bar with a hot girl right now. These thoughts do not help. Yet a couple days of this sulking goes by and you realize that he is replaceable even though you broke up with him because he thought he was God’s gift to Earth. So you turn on Irreplaceable by Beyoncé herself and you start building yourself back up once again.


7. Flaws And All

At some point in a woman’s life she realizes that she is not suppose to be perfect like society has been portraying. You might have killed a few glasses of wine in the process of realizing that you are good enough for this world because if you weren’t you wouldn’t have blessed the world with your presence.  Anyone who tells you or tries to tell you different can go visit the bad people, just saying. Your flaws are the things that set you apart from all the others walking this world.

flaws and all

6. You Run This Ish

Now that you are an adult you are now living just like your parents are now. You have gained the responsibilities of owning your own place, paying your own bills, and solving most of your problems on your own without having to call your parents or older siblings for help. A big thing that I have learned going through college is that you have to stand up for what you think is wrong and right especially as a woman. A lot of people see women as being vulnerable or not able to make major decisions on their own. I say screw that view from society. yet Society is going through a slow transition, this transition is of how women are be perceived and how they are breaking through different barriers. There are women entering the sports field as coaches and broadcasters, anchors on the biggest news networks, running multimillion dollar businesses, and becoming activists. Just like anybody else, this is our lives and we make the decisions that go with it.

run the world



Angie Carmouche

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