10 Moments You Feel Like Beyoncé (2)

5.  When Bae Is Getting Checked Out

We have all been in the situation when we are going out with our bae and you both are look quite dapper and you aren’t the only one who is noticing that. As women we tend to become very protective of what we hold dear to us. Whether it is family members, dear friends, and especially bae because you found him and you know how great a catch he is so you are not letting him go. Slightly crazy? possibly but we mean well at the end of the day. So when we see another girl that happens to be decent looking, checking out your man the claws might come out and you might have tunnel vision. That’s when you are touching him at all times. that means you are either holding his hand, arm in arm with him, dancing on him, or just posted up with him in the VIP lounge.  Just like Queen B, you’d be damned if you see another chick on his arm and getting the treatment that is yours and only yours.


4. You’re The Support System

There comes a time during your early twenties when you make the decision to cross the threshold to adulthood. Your mom no longer buys your groceries, does your laundry, or give you gas money. You’re dealing with the hardships of life. From balancing your social life, getting good grades, and working to pay your own bills. Yet when you are able to pay all of your bills on time and you have nothing else to worry about money wise you feel like you can handle this thing that they call adulting. You are now relying on your self to fight your own battles and to support yourself. You are on the road to the title of Miss. Independent. All the things that Beyoncé states in her song is exactly what you do. The shoes on your feet, that’s right you bought them. That’s right girl you betta work.

independent woman

3. The One

It has finally happened. After dating countless fuckboys and getting your hopes up on them you have finally found a guy that has become worthy to get your hopes up for. He treats you right, your family loves him, and the most important, your dog love him cause everyone knows that if baby doesn’t like him then he won’t be staying for long. He puts you first, gives you butterflies, and just like in the movies there are fireworks when you guys kiss. He makes your days brighter without even trying and all the corny things he says seems sweeter than ever. You are smiling more and people are noticing. He makes you want to sing, dance, and make someone else’s day happy.He puts your love on top.

love on top

2. Stepping Out Tonight

After any break up a girl goes through the regular routine of crying for a couple days, eating a lot of unhealthy food, having a bunch of wine and Netflix nights, and then a switch clicks inside of her. That switch makes her want to be a better version of her. So now she might start working out, eating better, get a new hair color, and possibly a new wardrobe. So now its been a couple months and you and your squad decide to hit the city and have a night to put in the books to reflect on later. So you know that you are looking better than ever, your face is beat, hair slayed, and booty is on fleek. You’re feeling yourself and your feeling kind of sexy if we’re being honest with each other. Once you get a few drinks in you and your girls pull you out on the dance floor you lock eyes with someone you haven’t thought about in a while. Your good ole ex of a boyfriend. In any other situation you would be freaking out, but since a good body is the perfect revenge, you grab the next hottest guy and turn into the Beyoncé in the Partition video and watch your die a little inside.


1. Getting Ready For The Turn Up

I personally get really excited when I know I’m going out for the night. Mainly because I enjoy the process of getting ready. The make up all over the counters, flat irons and curling irons all plugged in, clothes are thrown all over the floor, music is blasting, and your friends are spread out while they are getting as well. It all makes me feel like I am in a scene of a classic chick flick or better yet Beyoncé’s 7/11 music video. This video is the ultimate pregame vision to live up by. If you can live up to this video then your night is going to be stellar.


Angie Carmouche

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